Castles will fall

The group headed down the staircase and came to a large room lined with crates of supplies. Each crate was filled with different types of weaponry, armor, and basic general goods. The group noticed two doors to their left in the room. They opened the first door to find a room that had a large tabled in the middle of it. On the surrounding walls were shackles and different types of torture devices. It seemed some twisted individuals got enjoyment out of holding their meetings in the presence of torture and suffering. On the back wall of the room was multiple doors that appeared to be cell doors. The group opened each doors looking for a sign of life in these cramped cells. They did find a man in one of the cells. His hair was a silvery sheen and he had small horns that protruded from the top of his forehead. He told them his name was Falconhand and the horns were from his fey-touched bloodline. He had been captured far away and brought through what seemed to be a portal. The group thought it best to request his help in finding the portal and to gear him with the equipment that lay in the other room. They brought him out and decided to check the second door off of the supply room while Falconhand geared up.

This room was dingy and dusty. It contained many items that would be of no use to the group; however, they noticed a rug that gleamed with magic and it happened to have a magical longsword wrapped inside of it. They were able to identify the rug as a Carpet of Flying, but the sword seemed almost too powerful to read. The best they could do was identify the symbol on the hilt as the symbol of Tyr. The longsword radiated with a magical, almost divine, light. The group had no one who honestly used a longsword so they decided to loan it to Falconhand to protect himself. They expected it back when they would part ways and they hoped to learn more about the sword as Falconhand used it.

They head back out into the supply room and began down a long hallway that lay at the other end of the room. Willow stealthily moved ahead and turned into one of the two doorways down the hall. Inside what appeared to be bedroom chambers, she saw a large ogre decked out in black armor who appeared to be giving orders to two very brutish looking humans. Willow took the opportunity to fire off an arrow at the ogre. It hit him and initiated hectic combat as the group flowed in to engage the 3 enemies. Willow used the confusion to fire multiple arrows at the ogre and eventually took him down before he could do any major harm. The two barbarian humans were easily dispatched by the rest of the group. The group then searched the chambers. The most notible piece of furniture was a bookcase with a glass front that was locked. Willow attempted to open it and set off a trap inside the lock. It shot a poison dart in her that quickly began draining her of her life. Illyn managed to neutralize the lethal poison and remove any ailment the poison had created. They then opened the case to find the history of their kingdom of Shaar Haven, as well as, dossiers on every member of the steel vanguard. It was apparent that someone has been doing their homework on each of the members history. They would need to deal with this quickly if they didn’t want the wrong person to begin stacking the cards against them.

They left the chambers and headed to the door at the end of the hallway. Inside was a large chapel room that was lined with religious statues. In the middle of the room was a barbed devil that had two skeleton lackies and at the altar was an orc cleric who began unusual conjurations as the vanguard entered the room. The vanguard sprung into action with the Prince leading the charge. Prince Brylynn stood toe-to-toe with the wretched devil and began to exchange blows. The skeletons were easily dispatched by a couple of the other members. The devil dropped multiple Fireballs on the group and many of them took heavy damage. Things especially looked bleak as the Prince received an infernal wound that began to fester on his body, but he managed to overcome its plague with the power of his lay on hands. Rikimaru snuck behind the orc in order to deal a heavy blow, but he was immediately stricken with blindness by the orc. The group then overcame the devil and it disappeared back to the infernal plain. They charged the remaining orc. The orc cast invisibility and disappeared. Willow stood guard at the entrance while the others searched around for any hidden exits. They found one behind the drapes of the altar and it led to the small room that had the portal.

The group decided it would take too long to get a strong enough wizard to seal the portal so Illyn stone shaped the around the portal to insure nothing got through. Then the group stepped outside and used the Lyre of Building to take down the entire castle. There was nothing left of the horrid castle when Illyn finished playing the Lyre. Falconhand planned on returning home and requested to hold onto the Longsword of Tyr. He even said that the sword spoke to him and told him that’s what it desired. Well far be it from the steel vanguard to deny a possible nutty man his wish so they agreed to let him take it. The group rested and planned their next move. Willow mentioned to the group she felt something coming from the woods and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. She decided to briefly go out and try to identify the unusual feeling she was getting. After a couple of hour she returned with a bouncy little companion. Willow had given him the name Pinecone and stated that it seems she had developed some sort of empathetic link with the little leaf leshy. With a new little companion in tow the group set out for the Cave that housed the tomb of Alkizar. It would be a two day venture, but they were going to try and make it there as soon as possible. Hopefully they won’t be too late in stopping whatever evil lurks in the tomb.



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