Esvele's Chambers

The Steel Vanguard rested below the grinding gulf until Willow awoke from her drow induced slumber. Willow began complaining that the party dispatched the 2 lizards for no reason and complained so much that the entire party wish she had silence cast over her. The next morning they proceeded to enter into the double doors with the faces of woman on them, determining that these were the faces of Shar. Inside they found 2 mezzoloths, demonic creatures of insectoid nature. These creatures were backed up by three worshippers of Shar. The battled raged The prince in his usual manner charged in to combat one of the demons while the remainder of the party struggled with the other. When he neared the beast he noticed 3 followers heading toward the party from the hallway. Brylyn informed the party of this through the iron dragon rings. Dace stepped in tossing a fireball down the hall causing the mountain to shake from the immence power of the spell. The prince then was struck by the beast and returned the favor with a vicious slash of his sword causing the demon to be banished to his own plane. Brylyn moved down the hallway and engaged the 3 cronies and with minimal help the rest were dispatched. During the battle Riki was backstabbed by an undead shade. The shade creature went back into the room from behind a curtain. Willow followed him and found a large worshipping chamber dedicated to Shar. Also a large demonic creature loomed there as well and the group fought its way inside.

Eventually the party overcame the demon and the undead creature; they found a side chamber that happened to house Esvele’s belongings. She was not present but they found a letter written to her as well as a silver music box engraved with her name.
From there they ascending the stair case and returned the set of double doors they had not yet journeyed through. Inside they found an ancient chamber with many sculptures and as they entered they found a side room with three resting individuals. One female shade greeted them and told them her name was Irsomething. She spoke with them at length about the chamber and that her group had been fighting the drow from down below and were searching the tunnels for a magical gate. The group had heard enough and blatantly attacked her. She shadow jumped out of the room and her two minions had to fend for themselves. One fell to the Steel Vanguard and the other went invisible and teleported from the chamber.



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