Fey in Strife

A couple months has passed since the Steel Vanguard had destroyed the Scythe-tree. During that time the kingdom of Shaarhaven has been growing at a rapid pace. A trade route has been cleared from Oleg’s outpost and Irongate (The Capital City of Shaarhaven). A small town has formed on its own accord around Oleg’s outpost. Eggplant decided that his time amongst the humans was interesting, but was not his original intent when he set out on his adventure. He left the group to seek out his true goal in life…pottery. Though as always fate sees fit to bestow new ties in place of old ones. The Steel Vanguard acquired two new allies to assist in overseeing the kingdom. They are a married couple who are acquaintances of Tiressira and Falcor.

The husband, Orrin Silverthorn, was an elf that seemed very timid. A contrast to the normally boastful nature of elves. The wife was the real sight to behold. A fiery nymph named Myrine who held the normal physical traits of her majestic fey sisters and yet she wielded a large Axe and an even larger attitude. The group at first did not know what to think of the two, especially the battle ready fey. The two eventually won the trust of the group over the short period of time and even earned the Diplomancer title for the kingdom. Although, one is not certain if you find Myrine’s diplomacy through the tenderness of her words or the edge of her axe. Be that as it may, they found a place amongst the group and it soon came time to once again venture out into the uncharted territories of Shaar Haven. The Steel Vanguard decided it be best to leave a few members behind to monitor the kingdoms progress and address and incidents that may occur during the groups absence. The few who would remain were Prince Brylynn Obarskyr, Lord Valis Loredamon, and Durzo.

They first ventured down to the Temple of Chauntea to inform Jhod Kavken that he would be relieved as High Priest. It’s not that his service was incompetent, but rather that a majority of the Steel Vanguard worshipped Torim, so they saw it fit to place Illyn as High Priest (Freaking Politics). The demoted priest would be allowed to remain and rebuild the temple, for freedom of religion would still be first and foremost in this new nation.

The group left the temple and decided to explore some uncharted woodland not far from their location. It was there that an great ambush occurred. While traveling through the woods the Steel Vanguard was surrounded by a barrage of arrows. Thankfully most of the arrows missed, but then a group of bandits appeared from the darkness of the trees and enclosed around the group of heroes. Myrine immediately sprung into action and charged a bandit close by. The rest of the group followed suit, dismounting and joining in the frey. It was then they realized that amongst this group of bandits flew a Nixie. Although she would be a small opponent it was apparent, after the two simultaneous rays of energy, she would be a troublesome opponent. Arahntu chose to stay on her mount and swing at the bandits from above. On her first swing she loss balance on the horse and fell to the ground, instantly stunning herself. (Side Note: This seems to be a constant theme with Arahntu. The group is fairly certain she has a drinking problem, but when they approach her she attributes it to an inner ear infection…Denial)

Myrine’s husband, (What’s his face), ran to his wife’s side to assist her in battle. This left Illyn with only the prone/stunned Arahntu to protect him from two approaching bandits. The stalwart cleric held as best he could but was soon taken down by a magical ray from the Nixie. Willow stood a short distance between the trees from Illyn. She could hear the clanging of metal, the chanting of spells, and the bodies dropping to the ground. She was unable to draw a clear shot with her bow and was at a heavy disadvantage. She dropped her bow and pulled out her battle axe, it was time to prove her worth in a fight and if Myrine could wield and axe, so could she (granted a much smaller one).

Meanwhile, Myrine and her husband were still fighting against the same bandit. It was then they realized that this bandit was not only much stronger than the rest, but also well equipped to fight his most hated enemy…FEY! However, Myrine did not falter, her glistening beauty only matched by her unbridled rage in battle. This drew the attention of the Nixie, and it was then that Myrine began suffering heavy blows from the Nixie’s magical rays. Willow managed to cut down three enemies that stood in her way and found herself knelt over the unconscious body of Illyn. With no healing spells at her disposal she quickly grabbed a cure light wounds potion and jammed it down Illyn’s throat. He thankfully consumed the potion without drowning and was soon back on his feet.

The two stepped out into a small clearing where the remainder of the fight was going on. Arahntu finally had come to her feet and was now trying to swing at the small Nixie who was effortlessly dodging the weapon. Myrine had fallen as her husband attempted to finish the bandit they were fighting. Illyn channeled healing energy and brought his allies back in action. The couple finished the bandit as Arahntu and Willow encircled the Nixie. The nixie obviously felt backed in a corner and the claws came out…Literally! But that didn’t last long. It was then that Willow summoned the power of Chauntea (The Mad Black Woman) and with one powerful swing cut the nixie in half!

The group had definitely felt the effects of the two month down time and that battle did not go as smoothly as they had hoped. In the end, everyone managed to survive and perhaps they may have even found a new respect for each other’s capabilities(ooor they’ll still be jackasses! You Decide!).



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