Tomb of Magic

When the group approached the tomb, Willow had Pinecone wait outside where it was safer. Also, a Wizard came from Brylynn’s homeland and brought a gift from his mother, the queen. They were rings for everyone that were similar to Cormyr’s Purple Dragon Rings, but these were made of Cold Iron – instead of brass and were inscribed with the Steel Vanguards seal of the Iron Dragon. It allowed the wearers to communicate telepathically, cast light, and detect poison. The wizard named Eragon offered his services to the Prince and he accepted it gratefully. (Services O.o lol) The vanguard entered the cave to find double doors blocking their path. Rikimaru found a small tunnel leading around the doors, but it was blocked with a large boulder that wouldn’t budge. Finally Willow lockpicked the double doors and they went through the entrance of the tomb. The first room was square and lined with multiple sarcophagus’.

Willow stepped in to check for traps when all of the sudden a large serpentine creature came down from the ceiling. The Prince charged in and attacked the creature. The beast bit the Prince and immediately coiled around him. The large creature began constricting and crushing the Prince. The rest of the group sprung into action and with everyone’s combined strength, they were able to get the Prince out of the clutches of the nasty creature. Willow walked up to the next set of double doors and found a magical trap on them. She told everyone she was going to deactivate it. Of course, everyone of little faith took to the ground or hid behind cover. As the Prince and Durzo hit the dirt, they noticed a soft patch in the ground and told Willow to wait. They dug at the soft patch and found two treasure chests filled with gold, a wand, and a necklace. When that was done they resumed their positions as Willow attempted to deactivate the trap. Unfortunately, she set off the trap and even though everyone tried to take cover, they were all caught in it anyway (except for Riki who took the initiative and stepped out of the room entirely. Electricity surged through the floor and everyone was shocked. Thankfully no one was severely hurt so the group continued on.

They had to pass through a long hallway so Willow walked ahead and searched for traps. She unfortunately overlooked a pit trap and fell right in. The trap reset, but the group ran over and manged to lock the pitfall cover into an open position. They looked down to see Willow 60 ft. below struggling to swim. They attempted to cast levitate on her, but it didn’t work. Then they through down a rope, but for some reason she couldn’t hold onto it. Just then Brylynn heard the thoughts of Willow through the telepathy of the Iron Dragon Ring. He could hear her think of agonizing pain and not drowning. He decided to disbelieve the sight of her wading water and in turn saw through the illusion before him. She was actually only 15 ft. down and impaled on spikes…. because thats so much better…sigh. She wriggled off of the spikes and they pulled her out of the pit. They then crossed the trap and she unlocked the next door.

They entered a room that seemed to be an riddled with weaponry, armor, and trophies. A few suits of armor stoood up right on stands and swords were hung decoratively across the walls. One sword in particular caught the eye of Arahntu. As the rest of the group spread out, she walked up to the display of a pristine falchion set upright under constantly flowing sand. The sand ran down the blade and the hilt, then it was swallowed, by a small portal that seemed to feed it over the top of this majestic falchion once again. She reached in and pulled out the falchion. Just then the armor around the room came to life and two flanked Orrin who was near the next doorway by himself. The vanguard worked to fight off the magical suits of armor. Durzo and Orrin fell unconscious but were soon brought back into the battle from Illyn’s healing. Arahntu took the falchion and struck a critical blow onto a set of armor. As she did, the head immediately came off as the severed edges seemed to burn. She wasn’t aware, but it seemed to be some type of powerful magic in the weapon. The group stopped the other armors and regrouped to heal up and the new wizard identified the Arahntu’s sword as the famed Khet-ra’ib also known as The Desert Wind.

The next room was a sight to behold. There was a massive 60 ft. long and 200 ft. deep crater between the group and the other side. Over the crater was massive boulder that seem to float in mid-air. Crashing and colliding with each other. Orin was able to dimension door the Prince, Illyn, and himself over the crater with no problem, but it left Rikimaru, Willow, Arahntu, and Eragon with the difficult task of finding their own way across. It took a bit of time, but they saw through some illusion magic that hid a door off to the side. The door led to a stairwell that went to the bottom of the crater. They would have to go down and hope to meet up with Brylynn, Illyn, and Orrin at the other end.

When they reached the bottom they saw a large set of double doors and out in front of them there was 2 riding lizards tied off to poles. Willow had never seen such neat creatures and she wanted to head over to see if she could befriend them. As she stepped out into the bulk of the crater bottom she was hit with two crossbow bolts. They didn’t seem to hurt that much but she could feel something seeping into her blood. She managed to shake it off and saw a small number of Drow who stepped out from behind the rocks that were scattered across the ground. Riki and Arahntu moved as fast as they could across the rough terrain to combat the evil drow. Eragon stepped into position to ready a fireball. He dropped a fireball on a few drow and managed to penetrate their spell resistances. Willow took another crossbow bolt and began to break out into a cold sweat. Her speech slurred a bit, but she kept her composure. She shot her bow and killed one of the drow, before she was hit by a fourth bolt and dropped to the ground unconcious. The rest of them managed to kill the remaining drow just as Orrin, Brylynn, and Illyn came down a stairwell on the other side of the cavern. It seemed they had missed the fun.

Willow lay comatose and they knew it would be quite some time before she regained consciousness. They saw the riding lizards Willow had mentioned earlier and decided to approach them to see what was in their saddle packs. The creatures were obviously scared of the people who had just killed their owners, but Riki and Arahntu paid no mind to that. The Lizards snapped at the two and even managed to bite Riki’s one good hand as he had reached in. The two Vanguard members immediately turned violent and killed the two lizards who were tied down and unable to escape. (That’s a group of supposed do-gooders for ya. Psssh) The group decided, after the, got done looting the bodies like a bunch of vultures, to rest so that Willow would be awake when they decide to move forward. The set up camp and the large double doors and watched them. It won’t be long until they complete their objective and get out of this tomb of tricks.



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