Gondalake (LE male human rogue 5/Zhentarim spy 4) is a heavyset, middle-aged man who walks with a slight limp and speaks with a heavy accent. He has long operated Olegtown’s secondary general store, trading with merchants who pass through town, and has business contacts as far afield as Suzail and Hillsfar and, in normal times, can procure nearly any item in a tenday or so. Gondalake has a reputation for greed and cowardice, but none doubt his loyalty to the Shaarhaven. The trader’s true allegiance to Zhentil Keep is known only Eregul the Freestave and Scyllua Darkhope.

His current orders instruct him to maintain his longstanding cover while discreetly funding and involving himself with any would-be rebels.

In keeping with his long-established reputation, Gondalake can be convinced to contribute a few gold pieces to such a group but does not otherwise contribute significantly to the effort, except to demand to know the plots afoot being funded by his “investment.” Of course, Gondalake keeps Eregul informed of all such activities, allowing the Zhentarim to sweep in and round up the conspirators should something ever come of their efforts.



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