Bandit's Camp

Thorn river camp

K1. Clearing: The bandits created this semi-permanent campsite by cutting themselves a small clearing. Tree trunks and logs serve as chairs, all centered about a stonelined campfire. A heap of kindling and smaller sticks lies nearby. The bandits generally prefer to sleep under the stars, but a number of folded tents are stored under the platform at area K2 for wetter nights.

K2. East Watchpost: A wooden platform 20 feet off the ground gives a great view of the campsite and the trail to the west. A rope ladder allows access, but if pulled up to the
platform, access from below is possible by climbing one of the nearby trees (DC 15 Climb check). Tents, firewood, food,and other supplies are kept under a canvas tarp below this
post. The bandits keep their loot under all of this, hidden from casual view. The post itself is somewhat camouflaged, and grants a +2 bonus on any Stealth checks made by creatures situated on it against anyone on the ground.

K3. West Watchpost: This post is identical to the East watchpost, save that no supplies are stored below it.

K4. The Logs: Two thick logs lie positioned alongside the forest trail. Bandits sometimes use the logs as cover or roll them across the trail to create obstructions.

K5. The Wagon: An old, broken-down wagon sits here. The bandits

Bandit's Camp

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