1. Temple of Mystra: Constructed with astonishing swiftness. It draws many curious people, most take a look around and return home.

2. Irongate Ferry: Ferry willing to take passengers across the lake or up/down river. Each passenger need pay only 1cp to cross, plus 1cp per parcel on deck instead of carried. Any wagon or animal requires additional copper.

3. Irongate Inn: Irongate’s largest Inn despite its recent disappearance of its owner, Buldie Makoon. This left his two daughters, Asanta and Barill (both NG female human commoner 1) to run the inn. Their beauty, noisy spats and constant banter have become one of the best forms of entertainment in town. That-and the fact that they “forgot” their father’s first most buisness instruction; water down the beer and wine-have made Irongate Inn more popular than ever. The Inn is well built and makes a fine place to stay for rates of 1sp per night per person.

4. Iron Boathouse: Famous for its boat and raft building, owner Jahad Renoyld, always makes sure to put a special engraving on all his crafts at a resonable price.

5. Lantern Inn and Boathouse: The Lantern Inn and Boathouse is an excellent place to rent a boat any time or night with little fuss, but most locals prefer to go to the Irongate Inn for entertainment or to stay the night. Very large parties and caravans often prefer the Lantern Inn due to its host of groups in private dining rooms, but the expense of the meals can leave guests wishing their group was smaller.

6. Vanguard Keep: Once known as the Staglord’s Castle, The Steel Vanguard operates from this Keep. It acts as the residence of the Vanguard and is used as town hall and occasionally resides honored guests while in city, but rarely admits anyone else.

7. Sendever’s Stables: Anyone looking to purchase, sell, or board a horse should go to Sendever’s Stables. Owned and operated by Illumor Sendever (N male human expert 4). Although somewhat expensive, the stable takes excellent care of its animals and never sells an unhealthy horse. On occasion the place even has stranger mounts for sale, creatures found out in the Shaar or pegasi, but such things are normally sold at auction in the town center markets.

8. Iron Watch House: The Iron Watch House serves both as a prison and as Irongates barracks. Most of the troops (referred to as Ironguards by the towns people) are normally out on patrol, training or serving at Vanguard Keep. Most in the house are resting, sleeping, a few serving in the prison or in office to hear public complaints.

9. Haledorn’s Helms and Shields: Hallaina Haledorn (CG female human wizard 6/expert 3) runs this shop with the help of her father figure an old drawven smithy Junkat Buckethead (LG male dwarf expert 8/fighter 5). Hallaina was once a hot-tempered beauty and the talk of the town for her flirtatious ways, this former adventurer has settled into city life and her and former dwarven adventurer have settled into their buisness-buying, selling and crafting armor. Adventures looking to buy or sell magic armor are always directed to Hallaina’s shop with a wink and a request to deliever greetings to this favored town character.

10. Tigerhand’s Weaponary: Hallaina and others sell a few simple weapons, but the shop of Nym “Tigerhands” Maatsura (LG male Kara-Tur human Smaurai 6/expert 4) is Ironguard’s go-to place for real killing equipment and exotic weapons. Sellswords and adventurers often hang around Tigerhand’s, drinking and swapping tall tales of battles with the ageing samurai. Adventures looking to buy or sell magic weapons need to look no farther that this shop.

11. God’s Grove: The people of Irongate use this beautiful spot for weddings and picnics, and some use it to worship Silvanus (one of the oldest and most prominent deities in Faerûn, and the wilder counterpart to Chauntea the Earthmother). Orlenstar Thirthorn (NG male elven Cleric 8) can be found here during most daylight hours, but retires to a nearby cabin at night.

12. Torm’s Lion: This newley built temple has a set of golden lions greeting guests as they enter the building. The glint and gleam from them can be seen from outside the city in the right conditions on a sunny day and are described as a beacon of truth to weary travelers across the Shaar, by its head preist Jash Hirtz (LG human cleric 6).

13. Harvest Hall: This modest church is much a meeting place with a warm atmosphere that speaks of the land’s bounty to Irongate’s needy during harvest festivals. Katriana Donohar (NG female Cleric 8) has charge over thriteen clerics who serve Chauntea. She can be found at the Harvest Hall at nearly any hour, but her attendants (male and female human clerics 1) regularly leave to help the local farmers in the countryside. Katriana keeps a store of divine scrolls and happily sells them to those she deems will use them for a good purpose.

14. The Green: Although some folk bury loved ones in private cemeteries on their propert, most of the dead find their final rest in the Green.

15. Hanno’s Herbs and Medicines: The smiling Hanno Beaversmacker (NG male gnome Alchemist 6/Cleric2/Rogue 2) came to Irongate to make a new life for himself after giving up a less than successful career in thievery. He than chose to study alchemistry (the family tradition) and found he had a knack with chemicals. He also has a devote following of Garl Glittergold and now sells potions, herbs, poultices and medicines to cure ailments. Hanno also keeps a decent stock of potions on hand, and those who inquire discreetly and seem trustworthy can even purchase more exotic liquids (poisons). Hanno doesnt sell any deadly poisons, and normally anyone who requests them find themselves being watched by the local Ironguard.

16. Rallogar’s Hardware: Zendris Ragogar (N male human fighter 2/wizard 3) sells rope and wire by the bale to passing merchants looking to tie down wares, but he also carries just about everything else, from backpacks and wineskins to barge hooks and hair combs. Zendris doesn’t keep much of his stock organized (besides rope and wire), so finding what you need can be time consuming process. He is also one of Olegs closet friends after moving so much stock from Olegstown to Sespect and back. Most are warned before going there to not ask about magic type items, for quickly finding themselves kicked out of the store. Zendris has a famous hatered of magic. (Normally a while laterthough, such individuals are approached by one of his helpers, whooffer to broker deals Zendris’ hatred is a ruse to cover his black market dealing in selling magic items*according to Rikimaru’s spynetwork.

17. Basult’s Books: Amic Basult (NG male human expert 3) runs an amazing store with a collection of rare books from across Faerun. His shelves hold books from Kara-tur to Calimport and every place inbetween.

18. Brylynn Street Warehouse: This warehouse typically holds goods on behalf of the Caferty Coin Coster Company, a shipping interest that made much of its money moving perishable goods across the Shar. Some of the coiners employees have had certain legal difficulties arising from their repeated efforts to smuggle gems and jewelry in hollowed-out vegetables

19. The Ankh Tavern: This tavern is open 24/7 and is styled in the Mulhorand fashion and was dedicated to one member of the Steel Vanguard. The walls are painted with stylized figures of Pharaohs, pyrimids and sphinxes.

20. The Drow’s Dancing Blade: This bar and entertainment complex runs from midnight til dawn. It features dancing madiens who specialize reproducing tasteful reproductions of Eilistraee’s clergy. Of course this means fully nude dancing with a longsowrd and being referred to as “Dark Maidens”. Most townfolk (who haven’t visited the Tavern) believe that its name relates to Irongate’s hero Durzo, but those who have met its owner know ther real truth. Zhai keeps an extreme low profile, for she wants none of her old fame to find her in her new city.

21. The Willow Tree: A massive Oaktree planted and kept by most of the local farmers serves as the core around the cities center market street.


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