Olegtown has grown around Olegs Trading post.
1. Olegs Trading Post

4. Marsember the Sage’s Tower: Marsember was a famous adventure who retired to the new city of Olegtown. He decided to build his tower here after many dealings with Oleg in many years ago led to a friendship with the tradesmen.

5. Weaver’s Home: This house is home to Lella the Weaver (CN female human commoner 3), the very fat widow of Tulba (who died last summer), and her assistant, Sarinda of Battledale (NG female human commoner 2), a relatively young woolwasher who does most of the work. The two women work day and night to keep up with the demands of the occupying army for additional uniforms, with very little recompense.

6. The Mason’s: This house is home to Tethgar the Mason (NG male human expert 3) and his wife Senma (CG female human commoner 1). Although Tethgar is getting on in years, the couple has a young son named Garson. Tethgar is friendly with many dwarves, including Gunthor the Smith.

7. Blacksmithy: Bronn Brockanvil (NG dwarf expert 8), Olegtown’s smith and his son Surd (CG dwarf expert5) run the shop here. His five children, Aleena (NG female dwarf expert 2) Doans (CG male dwarf expert 2), Traith (CN female dwarf expert 1), Berr (NG male dwarf expert 1), and Janth (CG male dwarf expert 1) live here with their mother, Leath (CG female dwarf commoner 2).

8. The Stone House: This large stone house is traditionally used as a food crib for the surrounding businesses.

9. Oleg and Svtelana’s private home.

10. House of Jamble the Eye: Jamble the Eye (CN male human rogue 7) is a slick merchant and retired thief who lives here with his wife, Leel (CG female human commoner 1). He now speculates in interesting and odd items from Shaar to Sespech.

11. Potter and Breadmaker: Meira Lulhannon (NG male human expert 2) and his wife Sulatha (CG female human commoner 2) dwell here with their daughters, Betra, Jassa, and Mari (all CG
female commoner 1), all of whom are in their early twenties. Meira serves as the village potter and breadmaker, although he gets far more call for the latter role these days than the

12. Bee Hive Inn: The Bee Hive Inn is a common stop for adventurers, merchants, and travelers
coming down from the North. It is well known for the honesty of its staff, the quality of its mead and drink, and its relative safety in the heart of Olegtown. The Bee Hive’s staff includes Jala Silvermane, innkeeper; Durgo Silvermane (NG male human expert 7), farmer and assistant innkeeper; Bardag Shultu (NG male human expert 2), hostler and stablemaster; Dora Leen (CG female human commoner 2) and Meltea of Phlann (CG female Vaasan human commoner 1), chambermaids; and Turko Breem (CN male human expert 1), cook and waiter. Durman Hilesta, who served as carpenter and bouncer. The Hive is also roamered to house many secret doors throughout the the cellars, like a bee hive.

13. Message Post: The village message post stands in front of the Bee Hive Inn. The normal assortment of personal messages, warnings, and offers of hire.

14. Queen Bee’s Stables: These stables are owned and operated by Barag Shuto (N human expert3), an amazing handler of animals, stabler, and hostler. He looks after the horses and wagons of guests at the inn as well as any in town and also runs a side buisness of selling horses.


16. House of Plenty: temple of Chauntea is built atop a swampy area once known as The Bog; the natural spring that undermined previous structures on this site has been plugged. The temple consists of three buildings, linked by columned porticoes in a wide, C-shaped pattern forming a natural amphitheater in which services are held, rain or shine. The temple grounds, known locally as The Garden, encircle the structure and include a well-ordered area of vegetable and flower gardens, including topiaries, a small orchard, and a garden maze. The House of Plenty is home to fifteen members of the faith, including eight clerics, although most spend their days tending to the more distant freeholds of the Shaar. The leader of the Chaunteans is High Harvestmistress Glamerie Windbough. The remaining clerics are 4th level or lower.


18. Gondalake the Trader’s House and General Store: Gondalake the Trader lives above the village general store with his wife Meershand (CN human female commoner 2), son Dabragund (CN human male commoner 1), and daughter Dletagund (CN human female commoner 1). Goods listed in the Pathfinder’s Core Book from the Adventuring Gear, Special Substances and Items, Tools and Skill Kits, and Clothing tables worth less than 800 gp are available for sale (including illicit items such as masterwork thieves’ tools), as are many necessities of agricultural village life. Simple weapons, martial weapons, armor, and shields worth less than 100 gp are also available for sale. Weregund can order other items from Cormyr or Hillsfar and expect to receive them in 2 weeks.


20. Hammerhand’s Wagonmaking/Woodworking: Hammerhand Bucko’s four apprentices, Fennir, Gorath, Norin, and Vedrith (all NG, CG, or CN human male expert 1), live in the loft above this shop. Hammerhand Bucko’s place of business sells and repairs wheeled vehicles, including all the land-based vehicles. In addition, the staff works on carpentry projects from the miniature (elaborate carved jewelry boxes) to the large (houses). Since the occupation began, Hammerhand and his employees have been working every hour of daylight repairing the supply wagons of the occupying army in preparation for spring.


22. Hoareb Nimblefingers’ House: Hoareb Nimblefingers (NG human female expert 4) is a pleasant, short, middle-aged individual who serves as midwife, surgeon, and healer to both humanoid and beast. Although her role has diminished over time, since cleric services provided by the local temples have become more available, she has earned the trust of the local folk, and many still avail themselves of her services.

23. Erek’s Pit: This pit which was created by an explosion in an alchemist’s shop recently constructed. The locals call still call the wrecked building “Erek’s Pit”


25. Dwarven Sinkhole: Originally a small quarry on the property of Beregon Hillstar, this area was the source of much of the stonework in the area, and was dug by dwarves in Beregon’s employ. The entire quarry complex, including the surrounding mines, collapsed over two weeks ago. The sinkhole spread, slowly consuming Beregon’s entire farm, and is now used as a garbage dump by the village.

26. Hammerhand Bucko’s House: Hammerhand Bucko (CG Vaasan human male expert 3), the local carpenter, is a snide, intelligent, mulish and strong-willed individual who calls a fool a fool. He has learned to curb his tongue of late, but he silently seethes with indignation. Hammerhand helped found the Free Shaar Alliance with Gondalake.

27. Mother Kara’s Festhall: Mother Kara Bumblebutt (CG female lightfoot halfling commoner 7)
retains the titular title of madam at this lavish festhall.

28. Mane’s Manor: Mother Kara (see above) holds title to Mane’s Manor, a fine two story house next to the festhall. The house is now considered overflow capacity for the festhall.

29. Icehyill’s House: Icehyill, a retired merchant. Some say she made her money in Cormyr and
now lives in luxury.

30. Shrine to Mystra: Shrine to Mystra is a low pyramid composed of three wide steps, 20 feet wide by 20 feet tall at the base and 10 feet wide by 10 feet tall at the top. The topmost step was inscribed with the symbol of Mystra in silver against the dark stone, but the metal has been removed and the carved stone defaced. The hallow spell formerly in effect here.

31. New construction of Morningdawn Hall: This phoenix-shaped temple of Lathander is beinging its foundation. The land has newly been purchased by its church member, Sunrith Chanlor (NG Human Cleric 5 [Lathander])Morningdawn hal

32. The House of the Lady: This is a temple of Tymora and is dominated by a gold-domed central shrine, behind which sits a residence hall for the priesthood and laity. The temple is surrounded by a low wall to protect it against wild beasts and other marauders of the Shaar. The House of the Lady is home to fifteen members of the faith, including four clerics. The leader of the Tymorans is Preceptress Eressa Amber (NG female human cleric 9 [Tymora]). The remaining clerics are 4th level or lower.

33. The Turning Tower of Aba Grove:


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