Sespech is barony located at the southwest end of the Wilhon Reach. Once a part of Chondath, Sespech maintains its independence through naval power and diplomacy.

Capital: Ormpetarr
Population: 952,560 (humans 94%, dwarves 2%, elves 2%, other 2%)
Government: Feudal barony
Religions: Eldath, Helm, Lliira, Malr, Talos, Tempus, Waukeen
Imports: Metal
Exports: Horse, salt
Alignment: LG, NG, N

Baron Aldorn “Foesmasher” Thuragar rules Sespech from the capital city of Ormpetarr. Once a bold adventure, Thuragar relies on several old comrades from his adventuring company, the Band of Iron, to help govern the country.

Life and Society
The people of Sespech are tall and olive-skinned like the Chondathans to the east. Due to the constant danger from Chondath, all young men of Sespech enter military service for at least six tears and can recalled at any time.

Sespech currently enjoys moderate taxes and firm, fair justice.

The Baron has used his popularity to institute a program of conscription that insures an adequate force for self-defense. The soldiers of Sespech, conscripts and professionals alike, wear purple feathers in their healms to signify their loyalty.
The baron is engaged in a shipbuilding program. He forged a trade alliance with merchants from Hlonderth.

Open rule has always been important to the Baron and twice each month, the cities of Sespech hold communal gatherings to discuss recent political developments and other matters of public concern. A minister from the court of the Baron attends each gathering. In rare cases, Thuragar himself attends.

Recently in political concerns are the newly acquired lands of Shaar to the south of Sespech. These wild lands are unsettled and untamed. The Barons decision to charter bands of adventures to tame these lands has been a topic of discussion of late.


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