The Shaar

The Shaar is a stretch of grassy plains and gently rolling hills that measure more than 1,500 miles from east to west, and about 250 miles from north to south.

Capital: None
Population: Unknown
Government: Currently none, other than nomadic cheiftains
Religions: Mask, Oghma, Tempus, Malar
Imports: Armor, weapons, wine
Exports: Ivory, jewelery, slaves
Alignment: CN, N, CG

The otherwise featureless plains of the Shaar are dotted with isolated forests and a small collection of hills. Several shallow rivers and streams cross the Shaar, but these waterways tend to become sandy-bottomed gullies during the dry season.

The Shaar receives little rain, so little other than coarse grass, cacti, and thorny bushes grow on the plains. During daytime it’s blistering hot, while at nights it grows uncomfortably cold. Both geographically and meteorologically, the Shaar is a land of extremes.

Nomadic human tribes have roamed the Shaar since recorded history began, but little in the way of civilization exists here. From time to time, other powers have assumed authority over certain regions of this grassland, and even built settlements to manage trade, but only the crumbling remnants of their efforts remain.

Aside from humans, also wemics, centaurs, thri-kreen and kobolds roam the Shaar, hunting the great herd animals and constantly squabbling over water rights. From time to time, gnolls, perytons, manticores, wyverns and dragons challenge the nomads for supremacy of the area.


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