Shar (pronounced SHAHR), the Mistress of the Night, is the goddess of darkness, and the caverns of Faerûn, as well as a neutral evil greater deity. Counterpart to her twin Selûne, she presides over caverns, darkness, dungeons, forgetfulness, loss, night, secrets, and the Underdark. Among her array of twisted powers is the ability to see everything that lies or happens in the dark. Shar’s symbol is a black disk with a deep purple border. Her divine realm is the Towers of Night and her domains are Cavern, Darkness, Evil, and Knowledge. She is also the creator of the Shadow Weave, which was meant as a counterpart and to foil the Weave, controlled by Mystra, the goddess of magic.
The clergy of Shar is a secretive organization that pursues subversive tactics rather than direct confrontation with its rivals. In addition to her clerics, Shar maintains an elite order of sorcerer monks who can tap Shar’s Shadow Weave. Among her worshipers are the Shadovar (the citizens of Thultanthar, a floating city which is home to the survivors of ancient Netheril who fled into the shadow plane before Karsus’s Folly). Shar holds power over all who use the Shadow Weave.

Dark Goddess
Lady of Loss
Mistress of the Night

Power Level: Greater deity
Dominion: Towers of Night
Formerly: Plane of Shadow
Neutral evil

The Underdark
Anarchists, assassins, avengers, Dark Moon monks, nihilists, rogues, shadow adepts, shadowcasters, and shadowdancers

The creation of the Shadow Weave has made Shar the eternal enemy of the goddess of magic, Mystra. This has resulted in the brewing of a terrible war between these two powerful deities. By her very nature, however, she is opposed to powers of light, the unsecretive Shaundakul, and her own sister. Her only frequent ally is Talona, who may eventually serve Shar to stave off the predations of Loviatar.

Those who believe in the Dark Moon heresy believe that Shar and Selûne are two faces of the same goddess

Shar is the dark twin of Selûne. She has battled her sister since shortly after their creation. Their primordial feud has resulted in the creation of many other deities. Rather than overtly confronting other deities, Shar seeks to gain power by subverting mortal worshipers to her faith. After the death of Mystra at the hands of Cyric, Shar sought to gain control of the Weave but lost control of both the Weave and the Shadow Weave as both collapsed. Shortly thereafter, Shar also removed herself from the Palace of Loss in the Plane of Shadow, now located on the Shadowfell, to her new astral dominion of Towers of Night.


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